Resort Buildings that are the vision of award winning consultants

Celebrity inspired apartments

Supporting global challenges

Inn Spire is a not for profit organisation and is the latest way for the world to make a contribution to our global challengers.  The idea brings together construction of celebrity supported resort towers that continue to make a contribution to world issues for the life of the

building.  Green and human rights groups will be provided with facilities to coordinate their goals while the rest of the world gets to stay in rooms that our designed by their favourite celebrity.

An opportunity for inspired building designers to be recognised on the world stage

Calling all Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, Developers.

By becoming a Foundation Sponsor for the initial development stage of the Inn Spire project you help change where we build and stay

Your support for the project will contribute to the construction of the building which will ensure that our global environmental and humans rights groups receive ongoing funding for the life of the building. 

Calling all designers, engineers, architects and creative gurus.